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Agoura Hills is a steadily growing medium city at the end of Los Angeles County, bordering Ventura County to its west. Once known as ‘Picture City’, Agoura Hills hosted the original ‘Mash’ at a set that provides a famous hiking destination today. The city boasts plenty of popular hiking and equestrian trails that draw locals from all around Southern California.

Agoura Hills is also home to the Reyes Adobe Historical Site, which showcases the influence of Spanish culture on the area. Occasionally referred to as the ‘Mecca of Music’, the city has a robust live music scene and influenced the nu-metal scene, giving rise to acts such as Linkin Park, Incubus, Hoobastank, and Fort Minor. Among the bedroom community’s darling neighborhoods are Lake Lindero, Morrison Ranch, the Morrison Highlands, and Old Agoura.

All of the schools in Agoura Hills that have been rated by Greatschools as a 7 or above, on a scale of 1-10, with a majority being named National Blue Ribbon Schools. Numerous family-friendly public days, including Reyes Adobe Days and Concerts in the Park allow residents to build a strong sense of community. Multiple hotel options within the city limits ensure comfortable accommodations for friends and family visiting Agoura.


Explore some of the recreation options that make Agoura Hills famous.

The city’s stunning event center is a 21,000 square foot facility complete with turf and amazing views of the city and the Ventura County. Its state-of-the-art teen center is renowned for its fun events and day trips. It boasts a one-of-a-kind interpretive play area where children can learn about the Santa Monica Mountains.

The city’s various parks offer beautiful surroundings in which to play games of all sorts including basketball and baseball. “Old Agoura” offers a charming look into the past of the region, with its Western roots and equestrian lifestyles.

The Reyes Adobe Historical Site is one of the city’s most unique features. The building, from 1850, allows visitors to see into the Spanish/Rancho history of the area.

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Whatever your taste, there’s an Agoura Hills dining option for you!

From classic American meals to exotic and unique dining experiences, Agoura has it all. Tried-and-true favorites litter the city, and only the locals know the best spots. Read our definitive guide to the best restaurants in Agoura Hills in order to discover our favorites: including Plata Taqueria and Cantina and Old Place Restaurant.

New additions to the Agoura dining scene include the Twisted Oak Tavern and Tavern 101 Grill & Tap House, which celebrate Southern California’s world-class brewing with unique craft beverages, and the perfect meals to go with them (or stand by themselves!).

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About Agoura Hills

With a population of over 20,000 Agoura Hills is a city in Los Angeles County, California. It is approximately 30 miles from Los Angeles, and is located in the eastern Conejo Valley between the Simi Hills and Santa Monica Mountains.

The area was settled around 10,000 years ago by Native Americans. By 1900, Agoura Hills was used as a popular stage stop for travelers. Its natural areas are covered by hundreds of local plant species, some of which are very rare.


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Morrison Ranch

Environment & Wildlife

The Ballard Mountain, which is named after the pioneer settler and freed slave John Ballard, is located in Agoura Hills. Agoura Hills is host to an immense variety of wildlife ranging from mountain lions to steelheads.

Main Attraction

Agoura Hills is mainly known for its music scene. Currently, it is mostly for the nu metal music genre. In the 1960s, its music scene was born, which has had its highs and lows in popularity between the 1980s and mid 1990s.

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