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Rental Application and Directions

Now that you have found the home that you want to live in, we want to create the best chance for you to rent that house so we have made the rental application available to you online! Please start out by filling out the application below in an as much detail as possible. If a field does not apply to you please just fill out n/a. Along with the application we need a full credit report (even if the report is extremely long) with all three scores, and a cover letter. In this cover letter please tell us a little bit about yourself, why you want to relocate, and any information you think might be important for us to know. If you happen to have a bank statement that you are comfortable showing, please feel free to include this as well.  

I know it seems like a lot of information gather, but all of this is necessary in helping us prove to the landlord that you are a pefect match and would be the ideal tenant. The rental market is very competitive and we want to make sure that you get into that house you want. 

Rental Application

Cover Letter Examples 

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