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With a population of over 14,000 Oak Park is a community located in Ventura County, California. It is the largest unincorporated city in Ventura County. Oak park is borders North Ranch, Agoura Hills, and Westlake Village.

The area has been humanly occupied since 5500 B.C., and during the Native American colonization it included major villages, smaller camps, and several rock shelters. Natives occupied the area for many years until European contact.


Oak Park was one of the first planned communities- which included shopping, schools, recreation facilities, underground utilities, street lights, wide sidewalks, and other innovative designs at the time. To this day, it remains an unincorporated community- neither independent nor annexed into neighboring cities.

Oak Park’s small population and close-knit community draw people from all over the region to settle in the area. Its schools consistently earn all 9s and 10s on Greatschools’ scale from 1 to 10. Newsweek Magazine listed the Oak Park Unified School District as one of the best in the country, and several of the schools have been named “Distinguished Schools” because of the quality of their academic and related programs.


Explore some of the restaurants that make Oak Park a dining destination.

Whatever your taste, this city has a dining option for you! A hub for classic American meals, Oak Park has all your favorites. For those with a more adventurous palette, Chinese food, sushi, and Thai options are also available.

Old tried-and-true spots perfectly complement the newer options available to enjoy- but only the locals know the best spots. Read our definitive guide to the best restaurants in order to discover the classics like Beanscene and Tony’s New York Cafe, among the newer additions like The Park. Dining options that appeal to all age groups- whether young adults or retired parents- are plenty.

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See why people come from all over to enjoy Oak Park’s recreation offerings.

Situated at the foot of countless hiking trails, Oak Park is the perfect spot for lovers of the great outdoors to call home. With 10 parks within its city limits, the city offers ample open space perfect for families.

Chaparral Park, Deerhill Park, Eagle View Park, Indian Springs and Mae Boyar Park  are only a few of the public parks offering family amenities and sweeping views of the gorgeous surroundings.

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The community consists of three elementary schools,one middle school, one high school, and one alternative high school. Oak Park High School offers great extracurricular activities such as baseball, basketball, and Cross Country.


As its name suggests Oak Park is home to many parks and trails such as the Chaparral Park, Deerhill Park, and Canyon Cove Trail. In addition, it borders the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area to the east and north. It also has beautiful open spaces.


About Agoura Hills

With a population of over 20,000 Agoura Hills is a city in Los Angeles County, California. It is approximately 30 miles from Los Angeles, and is located in the eastern Conejo Valley between the Simi Hills and Santa Monica Mountains.

The area was settled around 10,000 years ago by Native Americans. By 1900, Agoura Hills was used as a popular stage stop for travelers. Its natural areas are covered by hundreds of local plant species, some of which are very rare.

Environment & Wildlife

The Ballard Mountain, which is named after the pioneer settler and freed slave John Ballard, is located in Agoura Hills. Agoura Hills is host to an immense variety of wildlife ranging from mountain lions to steelheads.

Main Attraction

Agoura Hills is mainly known for its music scene. Currently, it is mostly for the nu metal music genre. In the 1960s, its music scene was born, which has had its highs and lows in popularity between the 1980s and mid 1990s.